Every time I love

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The red shining from her lips

Every dawn I wake to meet

The goddess of love and feel

As she softly around me grips

The blue shining from her eyes

Every day darkness it blights

Like light brilliant is her smile

Assuring loving is worthwhile

The dark shining from her hair

Every eve I smell her scent

Love hides like a diamond

Somewhere inside my deepest lair

Every night when her I see,

I view no more truth but fair;

Surely this heaven must be

Greater than any heavens ever were.


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A heart of gold is both heavy and cold.

A face of gold is a mask, no more.

A body of gold is merely some decor.

I want a heart that pumps and bleeds.

I want a face that shows how it feels.

I want a body that’s warm from head to feet.

I seek a heart that hurts like mine.

I seek a face that shapes just fine.

I seek a body that is truth as wine.

For a friend of mine

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To die or to live

To hate or forgive

To get or to gift

To laugh and to cry

To fail and to try

To live and to die

A friend by your side

My dear, my love

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You are cure for all my disease:

Fever, flu or even death

One smile of yours and they cease

To be, to be gone in a breath

Love is not to get but to give

and to give I have so much still.

As long as you, I too will live. (As long as you, I too strive to live)

When you decay one day as I will,

I can't see happiness come back again

in grief and sorrow forever I'll be lost

or at least 'til we reunite I will strain,

sooner than later my heart says I must.

Know with you my love will grow and grow

even beyond the day we both lay cold.

No Farewell

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My head aches on these nights

restless as I await your message.

My heart aches longing for your sight

bleeding since you left on voyage.

I count the days, nights and moons

from when you left without a trace.

I should have been better, oh soon,

dear God, bring back this beloved face.

Finally one day my prayers were heard.

The message came, it was of your demise.

In tears now I complete these verse,

of all I most myself despise.

The reaper harvest early the innocent

else it would be lonely in the heavens.

The price is high

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Finding words that fit your beauty,

it is such hard task to do,

it is torment, torture, cruelty

none I'll write justifies what is you.

Yet I find myself writing for you this

in hope one day to be what you are to me.

It's true what they say, 'ignorance is bliss',

not knowing you meant no love to be.

Longer and longer I will wait, no strive.

Stronger and stronger it grows day by day.

Oh, I know everything good has its price,

I am still wondering, what need I to pay?

Shorter and shorter this life it gets,

weaker and weaker on my deathbed.